The purpose of this association
The purpose of this association is to promote Long-term environmental
protection and the development of good communal society around this
Shibaura Island community by doing the activities listed below.

・Activity for safety of residents such as disaster prevention, crime
 prevention,traffic safety, etc.
・Activity for improvement of education and culture of residents.
・Activity of community building by residents.
・Activity for collaboration and coordination with other external
 community such as town council and resident association.
・Activity for contacting and cooperation with public office and other offices.

Message from the Chairperson
Shibaura Island resident association
Yumi Kuriyama
My name is Kuriyama the 6th period chairperson of
Shibaura Island resident association will served as
7th period chairperson as well. I am thankful for
your understanding and cooperation for our
association and want you to participate our activities
and operations in this term too. We will contribute
and development to a more secure and peaceful island
life with neighboring town association, administrative,
police officer and every residents in this island.

Member of this association
・Cape tower management association
・Glove tower management association
・Mitsui Real Estate Investment Advisors company (trusty of each tower)

Council officers and auditors, board of directors
・For regulations of association, 13 to 15 officers and 2 Auditors
・Term starts December and ends in November.
 (The term of Chairman, vice president, Accountant, Auditors finish by
 the council end of Year after March )
・For regulation of association, council member will raise and select
 members of association from director of management board and all
・The main activity of this association is decided at the monthly report
 meeting and proposals for future planning and approval matters is
 decided there.

Board of director’s organization chart

Board of Directors
Term 7th (December 2014 to November 2015)

■Chairperson: Yumi Kuriyama (Cape Tower)
■Vice-president: Masayuki Yamazato (Bloom tower)
■Accountant: Atsuo Ito (Glove Tower)
 Ryoko Nakagawa (Glove Tower)
■Director: Hiroki Ikematsu (Air tower)
■Management Member: Teppei Iwasaki (Glove tower)
 Chiichiro Oota (Cape Tower)
 Mako Ogawa (Cape Tower)
 Koji Kobayashi (Glove tower)
 Tomonori Yoshii (Cape tower)
 Tomohiko Imamura (Cape tower)
■Auditor: Kumiko Kimata (Cape tower)
 Syuto Mamiya (Cape tower)
■Adviser: Takahiro Konishi (Glove tower)